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OUR STORY... ?Come?Chop meaning (?Come Eat ?) An Authentic West African Cuisine Experience. ?We are the District?s first West African Food Truck. Offering authentic West African comfort food. Using nothing but the finest farm fresh and when possible locally sourced ingredients and healthy oils to cook. Everything is prepared Fresh Every Day! What doesn?t sell that day goes to feed the local hungry?a mission that has been solidly in place since the beginning. ? Our culinary team brings the love and passion of cooking popular West African dishes such as West Africa?s signature dish, Jollof rice. What is wonderful about Jollof Rice is that it brings everybody together. In a way, it?s a celebratory meal. Just ?Yummy and Delicious?. ?We are also preparing savory baked tasty street comfort food items of meat pies and vegetable pies. ?? Come Celebrate with Us!?



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